Commercial Cannabis Grower?

Learn How to Achieve Optimal Yield Quality and Never Worry About Mold or Pathogens Again

During Your Next Growing Cycle:

Prevent Mold & Pathogens

Reduce Cross-Contamination

Eliminate Odor

Pass State Testing

…all without chemicals, shock treatments & carbon filters.

“We will never do another grow without an AirROS system.”
– Compound HQ

“Been waiting 3 years for this. Couldn’t justify the $4,000 price tag until I was making some real $$$. This is a game changer. Impossible to get mildew or bud rot with this. It cleans surfaces with the air. Yeah, it cleans the plant as well as the air.”
– BRS Organics

“Holy #$&+ we actually passed with flying colors!!! No microbials or PM were detected at all!”
– Back to Roots

Indoor Growing IS a Tricky Business. 

Pathogens are harmful to your plants, employees, and customers — especially if you're a commercial grower who is distributing the products.

You need a commercial-grade purifier that removes airborne pathogens as well as SURFACE contaminants like mold spores and bacteria in order to protect your plants, staff, and reputation for safety and quality control.

AirROS Air & Surface purifiers are a technology that will improve growing conditions by removing mold spores, bacteria, fungus as well as other particulate matter from the air and surfaces surrounding your plants while still allowing them to breathe freely.